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Hydraulic Heat Press Machine for Plywood Making

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One of the most important machines used in the production of plywood is the hydraulic heat press. The hot pressing process is a key step in wood composite manufacturing and directly affects the performance and quality of the final product. The equipment is used in several industries including furniture manufacturing, flooring and construction. xhcwoodmachine offers custom plywood equipment that can be customized to the customer’s specific requirements. This machine can batch produce high-quality plywood with consistent thickness, flatness, and strength. There are many different types of machines available today that offer varying levels of pressing output. The precision and speed achieved by these machines help improve the final quality of the product.

hydraulic hot press

Advantages of hydraulic hot press

The no-load closing time of hydraulic plywood is 15 seconds to avoid plasticization of the bottom. The heating tube has double inlet and double outlet to ensure uniform temperature of the heating platen. The hydraulic circuit uses integrated blocks, with compact structure, accurate and reliable system action, and three-stage CNC pressure reduction. Delta PLC control system has reasonable system design and convenient control. The main components are all made of high-quality famous brands to ensure stability. All steel frames are made of Q235 thick steel, which is strong and durable.

Plywood hydraulic hot press

In addition to technical parameters such as hot pressing plate size, total pressure, number of layers, and plate surface, the main technical parameters of this equipment also include opening rate, closing time, heating temperature, and productivity. They should be based on different processes. Ask for OK. The host machine can be divided into three parts in terms of function realization: heating system (providing heat source), hydraulic system (providing pressure) and press body (frame, control part)

Features of hydraulic hot press

1. Heat Pressed Plates

These boards provide heat to the glued veneer. They are usually made of steel or aluminum and heated by steam, oil or electricity. Due to the complex composition of the control part, it is usually the part prone to problems. For presses with complex functions, such as vacuum lamination presses, many domestic press manufacturers directly import foreign control systems while minimizing the use of low-reliability control components such as solenoid valves in the press.

2. Hydraulic system

The hydraulic hot press has two basic working requirements: applying pressure to the workpiece and driving the hot plate to achieve specific movements. The stability of rapid closing and pressure holding are important indicators for evaluating the performance of hydraulic systems. To prevent leaks, the system is calibrated using leak-proof hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic system generates high pressures of up to hundreds of tons to ensure a strong and even bond.

3. Control system

This is the work that mainly controls the heating system and hydraulic system. Its sensitivity and accuracy directly affect the accuracy of the press work. Due to the complex composition of the control part, it is usually the part prone to problems.

Heat presses are one of the most popular pieces of equipment in the woodworking industry, whether you want to produce thin veneers or high-quality thick plywood, depending on their model and manufacturer, these machines offer a compact design and excellent press efficiency. Plywood making machines from top brands guarantee speed and accuracy. xhcwoodmachine’s plywood presses are the perfect solution. We focus on delivering quality, efficiency and durability so you can trust our plywood presses to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our plywood presses and how we can help you improve your manufacturing process.

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