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Automatic saw plywwod cutting machine is very convenient to use, when sawing large workpiece, should be equipped with two people to complete.

When cutting in a straight line, the workpiece is placed firmly and pushed forward horizontally.

Long material can be slightly lifted so that the back end of the workpiece is not below the table.

Feed speed should be controlled according to material properties and workpiece size. It is forbidden to push,pull workpiece , and collide the saw blade.

When the saw blade does not reach high speed after starting up, do not send the workpiece, so as not to suddenly increase the motor load.

In the process of work, if there is a clamping saw, the workpiece saw mouth should be separated to both sides of the force, do not backtrack, so as not to fall the saw blade.

In the case of running saw and banding, it is necessary to stop and check the saw blade, saw material, saw card, saw wheel, etc., and then cut the saw blade after normal operation. In a word, it is necessary to correctly use the plywood automatic saw edge machine to work.

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