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How Much Do You Know about Plywood Glue Spreader?

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Glue spreader is also glue machine, automatic glue spraying machine, etc. It is used to evenly apply glue on the surface of the material to obtain a smooth and uniform glue layer coverage. They are widely used in the woodworking and furniture industries. This device saves time and ensures precise glue application, making it an essential tool for any woodworker.

What is a plywood glue spreader?

It is designed for even application of glue using a precise amount of adhesive. It consists of a rotating drum. The gap between the plywood, the rubber roller, and the rubber scraper roller can be infinitely variable and can be adjusted freely as needed.

plywood glue spreader

How does a plywood glue spreader work?

The glue spreader works by using a roller to evenly apply glue to the surface. The roller distributes the glue evenly when it is inserted into the gap between the rubber rollers; or between the rubber coating roller and the scraper roller, the rollers are quickly separated by a cylinder. So the waste material will fall off and will not scrape off the rubber roller. The machine ensures even and precise coverage on the work surface

There are many types of plywood glue spreader

Manual and automatic

From small handheld devices to larger machines used in commercial carpentry operations. They are available in manual and automatic versions and can be operated using one or more rollers. Manual glue spreader are operated by hand and are typically used for small woodworking applications. The operator applies glue to the machine's rollers and then manually applies it to the surface of the material.

Saving time

Automatic glue spreader, on the other hand, are larger and require less labor. This equipment can apply glue evenly in one go, saving time. This eliminates the need for manual work, saving time. These machines use motors to power rollers to distribute and apply evenly. Automatic glue applicators are ideal for large commercial woodworking applications because they can apply glue to large areas quickly and efficiently.

Double sides Plywood glue spreader

XHC's Plywood glue spreader helps improve the quality of finished plywood. This is especially important in the manufacture of high-quality plywood, where any unevenness or inconsistency in glue spreader can lead to defects or weaknesses in the final product. Our equipment is also easy to use, requiring minimal training. It's a simple tool that anyone can use, regardless of skill level.

All our machines have CE certification to ensure quality and safety. A glue spreader is a machine that helps in applying glue to wooden boards, veneers and laminates. It produces smooth, even adhesive coverage ensuring high-quality woodwork. With their various models and sizes, glue applicators have revolutionized the woodworking industry, allowing them to achieve consistent, high-quality results. Our XHC machines undergo strict quality management to ensure good quality. We have a professional technical support team to serve you in a timely manner. For more product information, click to contact us!

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