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Hydraulic Hot Press Machine For Plywood

plywood 50 openings 4*4ft hot press machine with loader and unloading system


Hot Press Machine Plywood

"Beginning with customer demand,ending up with customer satisfaction" is our core activity and permanent promise, That is we will take action to return with satisfaction as long as we are bestowed a chance to serve our customers opportunities and challenges coexist in 21st century. we have good faith in our future and will do our utmost efforts to pace with the time, live up to expectations, work hard to build up the plywood machine brand,like hyraulic hot press for plywood,cold press,automatic saw etc.

Woodworking Machine

Woodworking machine( like hot press machine plywood) are developed, designed, and manufactured under one roof to ensure on-time delivery with all customer requirements met. Our thorough maintenance regime has also earned high trust from users at home and abroad. We continue our efforts to further improve our technical competence so that we can continuously serve customer needs with products and system proposals.

Plywood Production Process

Plywood hot press is one of the main equipment in plywood production process. different varieties of plywood have different requirements on the performance of the hot press, ordinary plywood, plywood, plastic laminated veneer, wood laminated plastic sheet, Marine plywood manufacturing the required pressure increase in turn.Plywood hot press according to the mode of operation divided into periodic and continuous two, the domestic common is the periodic multilayer hot press.It is composed of three parts: hot press body, control drive part (hydraulic system and electric control system), heating system.

Hydraulic Plywood Hot Press Machine

Loader and unloading system includes:

1. Lifter table

2. Hook rack

3. Loader roller rack

4. Loader inside frame

5. Loader outside frame

6. 30 openings hot press

7. Unloading inside frame

9. Unloading outside frame

10. Hook rack

11. Unloading roller rack

12. Palletizing lifter table


Hydraulic Plywood Hot Press Machine

50 Openings 4*4ft Hot Press With Loader And Unloading System

NO Name

Loader system

50 Openings main hot press

Unloading system

①  Loader system(Parameter)

No Name Parameter Notes
1 Board size 4X4ft
2 Openings 70mm+42mm
3 Layers 50
4 Lift oil cylinder 2-φ160X6000mm rising   speed:56mm/S,falling speed:45S
5 Motor power 2-GMR625
6 Overall size 4700X2500X14500mm
7 Roller 4-φ200 driving power:750W
8 lifter 2650X1350X500mm with motor   roller:φ110
9 Weight 16T

② 50 Openings main hot press

No Name Parameter Notes
1 Overall size 3555X1350X9554mm
2 Main weight 31T
3 Total pressure 750T
4 Openings 70mm
5 Upper beam 1450mm Q235
6 Down beam 1450mm Q235
7 Width of column 350mm Q235
8 Main thickness 35mm
9 Hot platen 2800X1350X42mm Q345(16Mn)
10 Quantity   of hot platen 51pcs
11 oil cylinder φ360-3500
12 Quantity   of oil cylinder 3   pcs
13 Heating system oil
15 heating circle second heating system
16 Oil tank capacity 7m³
17 Closing time 10S
18 System pressure 25MPa
19 Pressure time 27S
20 PLC vigor from Taiwan
21 Touch screen "SHILIN"from   Taiwan
22 Intermediate relay ABB
23 Total weight 87T

③ Unloading system

No Name Parameter Notes
1 Board size 4X4ft
2 Openings 70mm+42mm
3 Layers 50
4 Lift oil cylinder 2-φ160X6000 falling   speed:56mm/S,rising speed:30S
5 Overall size 4290X1400X13790mm
6 Roller 4-φ200 Driving motor:750W
7 Weight 8T

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