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500T Hydraulic Heat Press Machine

500T Hydraulic Heat Press Machine is one of main products in our company. If you like,welcome to inquiry,we are all here to help you.


Hydraulic Heat Press Manufacturers In China

Xinhuacheng Group owns sales woodworking machinery and plywood factories. In order to make the equipment more suitable for the majority of users, our company will continue to update and try, whether it is in the pressing process or the plywood machinery. The ultimate goal is to allow users to ①reduce labor costs. ②The equipment is safe and efficient, ③and reduce the defective rate of finished boards. 

500T 25 Openings Hot Press Machine Is For Making Plywood

1: Hot platen: 

This one is very important in hot press machine. We work with a big supplier who give us stable and good quality hot platen.Also the thickness of hot pressing plate reaches certain requirement. Finally, high surface finish and dimensional precision.

2: Machine heat treatment:

So far, Xinhuacheng is the only domestic private enterprise whose equipment has undergone heat treatment.

5 Advantages Of Heat Treatment

① After heat treatment, prevent deformation and improve stability

② Refine the grain, improve the structure and improve the mechanical properties

③ Eliminate the internal stress generated in the welding process.

④ Improve toughness.

⑤ Because of the higher the pressure and the high-strength use, heat treatment is more necessary to increase the service life of the equipment.

Machine Finish-cutting

① The internal finishing of the overall frame ensures the parallelism of the press. (The error is less than 2 wires per square meter)

② The external finishing of the overall frame ensures the beauty of the whole machine.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic station has been researched, developed, assembled and commissioned by our company.

① Integral hydraulic station, centralized control, small area.

② Imported cartridge valve is adopted. Large flow, small size, high stability and excellent appearance.

Electric Control Cabinet

All electrical components are imported, with low failure rate, high stability and long service life.

Produce Capacity

① Annual output value

300-400 million

② Delivery time

7-15 days for regular products, 30-45 days delivery for non-standard products.  

500T Hydraulic Heat Press Machine Parameter

Nominal Total Pressure


Rated Pressure


Size of Hot Platen


Quantity of Hot Platen


Specification of main oil cylinder 


Interlayer spacing


Overall Size


Total Weight


Heating medium

Steam or Oil

Closing time




Packaging Details

In nude

Delivery Time

30 days

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