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Heating Platen

The pressing time can automatically be changed with the temperature of hot platen. The plywood can be pressed and glued well,waterproof and durable use.


Heating Platen Manufacturer


Hot platen size:1350*2700*42


1. Different contents of trace elements. The material of Q235 contains C 0.14-0.22%, Mn 0.30-0.65%, Si less than 0.30%, S less than 0.050, P less than 0.045.Q345 material contains C 0.20, Mn 1.70, Si 0.50, P 0.035, S 0.035.

2. Different yield strength. The yield value of Q235 material is around 235MPa.The yield strength of Q345 material is 345MPa.

5 Advantages

1. Heat distribution:

Hot platens are created to ensure uniform and consistent distribution of heat throughout the entire surface. This guarantees that the plywood sheets are heated evenly, facilitating the correct curing of adhesives and forming a solid bond between the layers.

2. Temperature control:

Temperature control systems on hot platens enable precise control over the heating process. This guarantees that the plywood is heated to the ideal temperature for the particular adhesive being utilized, leading to dependable and uniform bonding.

3. Pressure application:

Hot platens have the ability to exert significant pressure on the plywood panels. This pressure ensures that the layers make proper contact and allows adhesives to penetrate, resulting in a strong and long-lasting bond.

4. Customization:

Customized hot platens can be adjusted to fit various sizes and thicknesses of plywood panels. They may come with customizable pressure and temperature settings to fulfill specific production needs.

5. Efficiency:

Heated platen speeds up the curing process of adhesives, cutting down on production time for plywood panels. This aids in boosting efficiency and achieving production goals.



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