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Hot Platen Function

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Hot platen function

The function of hot pressing plate can be reviewed from several aspects, the first is the use of pressing plate material, and then the accuracy of processing, and finally the arrangement of medium channels in hot pressing plate.

Hot pressing plate is generally made of the whole limiting steel plate by deep hole drilling, mainly used for oil heating and steam heating;

The other is to paste aluminum plate on the surface after welding pipes, mainly used for electric heating.

With the whole steel plate can avoid the leakage of the seal is not good, with high stiffness and strength, but the hot pressing plate is thick;

The latter due to the general selection of thin plate method, welding and processing requires high processing accuracy.

The thin hot pressing plate is easy to preheat and temperature control, but it has high requirements on the workpiece. The uneven thickness of the workpiece will cause the deformation of the pressing plate and affect the quality of subsequent processing.

The thick hot plate is conducive to increasing the heat capacity and forward strength and stiffness, but it will increase the shape size of the press and consume more steel.

When manufacturing, the flatness and the upper and lower surface of the hot pressed plate should meet the parallelism, the flatness tolerance of the hot pressed plate should be in the range of 0.1-0.18mm, the parallelism tolerance should be in the range of 0.15-027mm, the roughness of the surface of the pressed plate is 3.2μm.

The temperature difference in the whole width of the hot pressed plate should not exceed 2-3℃, if the temperature difference is too large, it will make the uneven moisture content, the product is easy to warpage, and the strength and appearance quality of the product will be affected.

The heating channel of hot medium activity in hot pressing plate is not valued by the personage inside furniture industry generally.

The correct loop planning should be in favor of the activity of the hot medium, the uniform temperature rise of the plate surface and the reduction of the leakage of the hot medium.

For the hot pressing plate of small press used in furniture industry, single hole and double loop planning is generally used to meet the application requirements.

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