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So far, there is no fully suitable for rubber veneer sewing machine, wooden veneer mechanical glue is also with the help of veneer sewing machine.

 There are four commonly used forms of wood leather glue: no paper tape (glue seam) glue with paper tape glue Z glue line glue and dot glue drop glue

A, hot melt adhesive line sewing machine: it uses the outer hot melt resin (such as ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) of fine glass fiber hot melt adhesive line instead of adhesive tape, splicing two pieces of wood together.

When jointing, the back of two pieces of veneer is sent up into the machine. Under the action of extrusion roller, the hot melt glue line passes through the heater to melt the resin. The heater swings around and ejects the glue liquid, forming a "Z" glue line at the joint of two pieces of veneer, and then curing at room temperature makes two pieces of veneer spliced together.

This Z-shaped sewing machine is generally suitable for splicing thickness of 0.5~ 0.8mm wood.


B. Tape sewing machine: Tape can be affixed to the surface of wood veneer and removed during surface sanding;

Perforated tape can also be attached to the back of the veneer, where the tape is between the veneer and the substrate.

When the veneer is thin, the paper tape is easily reflected on the surface. At the same time, the water resistance of the adhesive tape is poor, and it is easy to cause the peeling or delamination between the veneer and the substrate.

Therefore, the general use of surface adhesive tape method, but this method, in the surface finishing, in order to remove the paper tape, to sand the surface or scrape with a scraper, which will make the surface veneer thin, and tape adhesive pollution board surface, residual traces of the shortcomings, the operation must be particularly careful.


C. Hot melt glue drop sewing machine: it also uses fine glass fiber with hot melt resin to replace adhesive tape and splice two pieces of veneer together.

When jointing, hot melt glue is heated and fused on the point glue applicator, and glue drops are coated on the joints of two pieces of veneer, and then the glue drops are flattened under the action of the pressure roller to splice two pieces of veneer together.

With this sewing machine can be splicing thickness of 0.4~ 1.8mm veneer.


D. Beltless sewing machine: in the case of beltless sewing, the side of wood veneer is coated with adhesive, which is solidified under the action of heating roller and heating pad in beltless sewing machine.

The type of adhesive used is urea - formaldehyde resin adhesive.

This kind of method of jointing without paper is actually the core board glue of plywood jointing equipment, to micro veneer or not quite level veneer jointing is not good, only apply to thick veneer jointing.

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