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Glue Spreader for Plywood Veneer Machine

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Gluing machine is also called plywood glue spreader. A mechanical device used to apply glue to the surface of veneer. The performance of the glue applicator not only affects the glue coating quality of the veneer, but also determines the amount of glue used, which affects the production cost of the plywood. Xinhuacheng veneer glue coating machine is made of steel and has a solid structure. The gap between the rubber coating roller and the squeeze roller can be freely adjusted by the hand wheel.

What is a glue spreader?

The glue spreader applies glue to core veneers, multi-layer boards, plywood, and joinery boards. During the production process, the equipment works by evenly distributing a certain amount of glue on the surface. Using a precise amount of adhesive for even bonding can improve the quality of the plywood and save a lot of money in the long run. The glue coating gap can be rotated infinitely and can be freely adjusted according to the roller and scraper roller. The adhesive used is usually a water-based polymer that hardens under heat and pressure and bonds the veneers together.

Glue coating machine features

1) Improve the uniformity of glue coating across the entire veneer. Specific measures are as follows:

(2) Ensure the manufacturing and installation accuracy of glue spreader parts. For example, ensure that the working surfaces of the rubber roller and the extrusion roller all jump to the axis, the parallelism of the upper and lower rubber rollers, the parallelism of the extrusion roller and the rubber roller, etc.

(3) Appropriately increase the diameter of the rubber roller.

(4) Depending on the type of rubber, the rubber coated by the roller has different hardnesses, and the grooves on the surface of the roller have different shapes and sizes.

(5) In order to adapt to veneers of different thicknesses, the distance between the upper and lower rubber rollers should be adjustable, and the glue pressure and glue quality can be adjusted by the pneumatic system according to the glue type and workpiece maturity. The thickness of the rubber layer is mainly determined by the gap between the extrusion roller and the rubber roller.

Improve work efficiency

The glue spreader is used in artificial board factories and furniture factories to laminate and apply glue on one or both sides of the board base material. And it uses high-quality natural rubber with suitable hardness, wear resistance and long life.

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