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Glue Machine

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Increase the oil

First of all to ensure that the glue machine daily normal work environment, an ideal working environment should be clean and cool and dry, and there is no sun shone directly, if the dust in the working environment is more, the long-term accumulation is easy to affect the coating machine work flow, so you need to check whether there is dust accumulation effect point bearing part of plastic flow,

Add lubricating oil to the three-axis dispensing bearing part according to the actual situation.

Glue cleaning

In normal operation, there may be some residual glue on the surface of the work table. If there is residual glue, it is necessary to remove it immediately to prevent this part of glue from affecting the subsequent operation.

If dust and dirt can be removed directly with a clean cloth, the maintenance operation can stabilize the dispensing effect.

Glue bubbles

Operators to understand the glue machine use the key to improve the efficiency, the glue coating machine after use to individually check, do not mix with the original glue, guarantee at room temperature without sun register separately, but also to ensure the sealing of storing things, prevent the air bubble is formed in mixed with glue, directly affect the bonding strength and function.

Daily maintenance operation

The glue machine has a great impact on the needle after performing high-intensity operation, so it needs to be checked. If the tip is found to be seriously worn, it can be replaced with a new dispensing needle.

In fact, the daily maintenance of the glue machine is not difficult, just more trouble, often need to replace parts or increase lubricating oil.

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