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Furniture Boards

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If you need to make small diameter logs into furniture boards, how do you do it?

The logs with shorter growth cycles are cut, fumigated, and then peeled to remove the surface bark.Through the transport line to rotary cutting, after peeling the wood to go through the dryer.After drying, it is decided to try drying again according to humidity detection after waiting for veneer to cool completely.

The dried veneer workers will be transported to the stacking place for selection of veneer, such as top ABC grade, usually top A grade corresponds to the complete and clean veneer surface, while other unqualified veneer is picked out.If the veneer is 4 feet and you need an 8 ft board, use a 4 foot board jointing machine.There are many jointing machines on the market, and choosing the right size splinters is important.

Part of the veneer is to be gelatinized in reserve.If the thickness of the veneer is 0.16mm, overlay nine layers, first layer without glue, second layer with glue veneer, third layer...Spread back to the ninth layer is no glue veneer.The wooden veneer with glue is interlaced and superimposed to facilitate subsequent hot pressing process.After laying nine layers of 0.16mm board, the thickness of the board required by the customer can be obtained.The thickness of the board will vary according to the thickness of the veneer and the number of layers.

Then we go to the press line, and we put the wood in the cold press, and because of the weight and pressure, the wood will basically form.To make the boards fit properly, they need to be drawn into the hot press.When choosing a hot press, we should take into account factors such as output, pressure, heating method and degree of automation.Automatic loading of hot presses, gantry lifts, automatic unloading and other automation will enable workers to complete the work in a safe and convenient manner.

After hot pressing board forming, in order to make the board surface more smooth, after fine sanding, but also to the saw table around the redundant part saw off.At this time, pull the laminating paper to glue machine, covering the board below.Go hot pressing again at this moment, sanding, putty line.In order to ensure the quality of wood, before packaging can go to the inspection line to pick out the finished wood with problems for processing and polishing again.

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