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Film Face Plywood

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Film face plywood

Laminating board is actually flat plate material as the base material, the use of cladding technology affixed a layer of film.

Flat panels can be wood or metal, and wood laminating is mostly used for furniture boards and building boards.

The surface of the film its bright appearance, can choose a variety of color variety, changed the previous plate pure color and single color characteristics.

For example, furniture board, after the substrate comes out, we usually go to market research first, to choose the membrane accepted by customers and the market, and then use the hot press to process again.

We want to ensure the quality of the plate, beautiful, environmental protection.

Building board is often a little simpler, its role is often a temporary support structure, according to the design requirements of production, so that the concrete structure, components according to the specified position, geometric size shape, maintain its correct position, and bear the building template weight and action on the external load.

The purpose of formwork engineering is to ensure the quality of concrete engineering and construction safety, speed up the construction progress and reduce the project cost.

So the film is not aesthetic as the main purpose.

Laminating is a physical process, different brands of laminating board, its substrate and thickness is different, so the material and thickness of laminating will be different.

We should choose the laminating process and materials according to the actual situation.

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