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Features of Plywood Cold Press Machines

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A plywood cold press, also known as a "pre-press," is a system that can be used to press wood boards to create a certain amount of pressure. The machine is designed to apply pressure and heat to plywood to create an even, smooth surface. A cold press consists of a hydraulic system, a heating system, and a pressing system, all of which work together to produce a high-quality product. It can easily press MDF, plywood and a variety of other surfaces. Although the machine is an auxiliary equipment for the production line, it is designed to shorten the time required to heat press the sheets.

Cold press structure

Cold presses generally consist of a frame, fixed beams, movable beams, upper plate devices, oil cylinders and hydraulic systems, control devices, etc. This equipment is used in conjunction with other woodworking machinery in the production line, such as veneer dryers, veneer rotary cutting lines, plywood hot presses, etc.

The main purpose of this equipment is to press the plywood veneer into shape. After the plywood veneer is shaped by the cold press, it is transferred to the plywood hot press for final pressing. Its core component is the motor. It has a hydraulic system that can exert strong force and is used to generate high and constant torque to improve the performance of the machine. This allows the plywood to withstand heavy loads and stresses without cracking or breaking. It improves the quality of the plywood by minimizing the heat press cycle time before gluing is applied.
plywood cold press

Advantages of plywood cold press

Advantages of this Equipment Compared to Other Available Options There are more than a few good reasons to favor a plywood cold press. Let's take a look at some of them.

1.Easy to operate

These machines are very easy to operate, which means two things. First, there is no need to spend money on training personnel to operate.

2. Stable performance

It allows workers to take turns to operate, without the need for dedicated personnel. The plywood cold press is reasonably designed, compact and space-saving. The system is designed to provide stable performance and is suitable for all types of projects. No matter what project they are working on, users can expect consistent performance throughout its lifecycle.

3. Efficient and fast

One feature that distinguishes cold presses from other similar options is fast and efficient pressing. The pressing results are accurate for all batches, but even better, these machines always press quickly.

4. Operation safety

The device has a safety feature called emergency braking. If at any time the operator feels the need to stop compression, the emergency brake must be pressed and the operation will stop immediately.

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