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Core Wood Veneer Splicing Machine

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A plywood core veneer splicing machine is a type of woodworking equipment. One of the most critical components of plywood production is the veneer splicing process. Veneer splicing is the process of joining two or more panels together to form a single uniform piece. In recent years, this device has become more and more commonly used due to its efficiency and accuracy.

Equipment application

This core veneer splicing machine can complete width detection, thickness selection, hole detection, edge cutting, glue splicing, size cutting and automatic palletizing, and can splice any whole board size required by the customer.

Advantages of plywood core veneer splicing machine

Plywood core veneer splicers offer woodworking manufacturers a variety of advantages, including:

Improve efficiency

The splicing machine can significantly reduce the time required to splice veneers faster than manual methods, allowing manufacturers to increase output and reduce manufacturing costs. This increases the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Higher quality

Using advanced adhesives and technology to create strong and seamless seams between veneers, the machine produces more even and consistent splices of veneer, resulting in higher quality plywood that is less prone to defects and warping .

Cut costs

By using a splicing machine, the amount of waste generated during the veneer splicing process is reduced, making it an environmentally friendly and sustainable option for plywood manufacturers.


Core veneer splicing machines are extremely versatile and the machine’s versatility also means it can be used to splice veneers of different sizes, allowing greater flexibility in the production process. Including hardwood, softwood and bamboo to create a variety of plywood products suitable for different industries and applications.

This equipment changes the traditional manual paving technology, saves a large number of core finishing workers, improves product quality, and saves labor costs. The plywood paving has been unitized and automated. The use of this machine saves a large number of core finishing workers, improves product quality, and saves labor costs.

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