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500T Veneer Cold Press With Loader And Unloader

500T Veneer Cold press with loader and unloader for oversea, like Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippine, Cambodia and etc


500T Cold Press for Indonesia

Brief Introduction Of Structure

1: The whole stack of veneer (1300mm≤height ≤1700 mm) should be loaded into the cold press.

2: The operating handle is pulled(the down-pressure cylinder is lowered, and the distance between the lower plane of the middle support and the lower pallet is gradually reduced)

3: After reaching the set pressure, the system enters the pressure-holding stage(The system automatically keeps the pressure, compensates the pressure and timing, and tightens the relaxed plate) Notes: The whole stack veneer is not less than 1300mm, which will make the stroke switch work. If the hydraulic system stops working and cannot reach the set pressure, the template can not be pressed.

4: It is time for pressure replenishment and holding. The buzzer prompts to prepare for the next process.


Main parts

Frame assembly

Upper beam,Middle beam,Lower beam, upright column

Cylinder assembly

Hydraulic cylinder, lifting cylinder, roof cylinder

Hydraulic Station

High Pressure Pump, Low-Pressure Pump, Motor, Oil Block, Valve

Electronic Control System

Power roller assembly

Chain conveyor, intermediate roller assembly

Cold Press Main Parameter

1. Total size


2. Frame dimension


3. Mainframe weight


4. Middle support space


5. Middle beam


6. Working stroke


7. Thickness of veneer


8. Rated engineering pressure


9. Total power


10. Down-pressure plunger cylinder


11. Rising plunger cylinder


12. Top piston cylinder


Cold press Installation and Adjustment

1. After the installation wiring of the mechanical part, the hydraulic system and electronic control system is completed, butter the contact area between the guide block and the frame

2. Turn on the power supply and check the power indicator light of the electronic control box. The voltage indicator reaches 380V (360V-410V).

3. Check the position of the electric contact pressure gauge pointer (the factory has been adjusted), the upper limit of the pressure gauge pointer is set at 20 MPa, the lower limit of the pressure gauge pointer is set at 18 MPa, the total time of checking relay is set at 1200 seconds, and the holding time relay time is set at 1000 seconds (users can adjust it appropriately according to the process requirements).

4. Press the drop button, the cylinder begins to drop, slowly press the middle tray down, press the up button, and the middle tray goes up. Check whether the middle tray drops and rises smoothly. Repeat up and down three times to see if there is any clamping phenomenon in the guide block.

5. Check whether the installation position of the stroke switch is correct (the lower limit switch is in effect when the middle tray drops to 600mm from the lower tray surface, and the upper limit switch is in effect when the upper limit switch is increased by 1200 mm).

6. Check the operation of the key bar, whether the positive and negative inversion is normal, whether there is noise in operation.

7. Test the pressure, raise the cylinder to the highest position, feed it into the height (1300mm-1700mm), 2500mm long and 1300mm wide preload to the chain, press the drop button, the cylinder begins to drop, when the tray travel switch meets the preload, the high-pressure oil pump starts to work, observe the pressure gauge pointer, high-pressure. Whether the high-pressure pump motor will stop working when the pressure of pressure gauge pointer reaches 20MPa (stop normal). Press the start button and enter the automatic program. The tray begins to drop. When the tray rises to the stroke switch meets the preload, it begins to pressurize. When the pressure reaches 20Mpa, the high-pressure pump motor enters the holding pressure by the pressure sensor. The time goes up automatically and buzzes. The device rings and then pushes the chain entry button to deliver the preload out of the frame. At the same time, it is observed whether the holding time relay starts timing (the timing is normal); within the holding time, with the decrease of pressure, if the pressure is lower than 18 MPa, the high-pressure pump will be restarted and the motor will stop running again (stop to normal).

8. Check oil leakage of the cylinder, tubing joint, hydraulic valve and pipeline, oil block, oil pump, oil tank, and level gauge during the pressure-holding stage, and check whether there is burning odor and abnormal noise in electronic control part.

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