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Building Formwork(FSF Film Faced Plywood)

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Building formwork is a temporary support structure, according to the design requirements of production, so that the concrete structure, components according to the specified position, geometric size shape, keep its correct position, and bear the building formwork weight and the external load on it.The purpose of formwork engineering is to ensure the quality of concrete engineering and construction safety, speed up the construction progress and reduce the project cost.The construction formwork structure of cast-in-place concrete structure engineering is mainly composed of three parts: panel, support structure and connector.The face plate is a bearing plate that directly contacts the freshly cast concrete.The support structure is a temporary structure supporting panels, concrete and construction load, to ensure that the building formwork structure firmly combined, do not deformation, not damage;Connectors are accessories that connect panels and support structures as a whole.Building formwork is a mold shell and bracket formed by concrete pouring. According to the nature of the material, it can be divided into building formwork, building wood glue board, laminating board, multi-layer board, double-sided compound glue, double-sided laminating building formwork, etc.According to the construction process conditions, building formwork can be divided into cast-in-place concrete formwork, pre-assembled formwork, large formwork, jump formwork and so on.Logs are rotated, dried, and the veneer is pulled onto the automatic pallet line. The veneer can move evenly along the transport line, and the worker can stack the required veneer sheets together, and then pass through the cold and hot pressing sections.Put the board in a cold press and the board will basically form due to the weight and pressure.To make the boards fit properly, they need to be drawn into the hot press.When choosing a hot press, we should take into account factors such as output, pressure, heating method and degree of automation.Automatic loading of hot presses, gantry lifts, automatic unloading and other automation will enable workers to complete the work in a safe and convenient manner.The wood is formed by hot pressing.After hot pressing board forming, in order to make the board surface more smooth, after fine sanding, but also to the saw table around the redundant part saw off.After the basic molding, the panel also has different types to choose. For example, we can directly cross the panel with the red glue, and the finished panel is red.Or surface laminating, laminating paper on the surface of the panel and then hot pressing, so that they completely fit.

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