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Best Veneer Peeling Machine Manufacturers in China

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What is a veneer peeling machine? 

A veneer peeling machine is a woodworking machine used to produce veneers from logs. It is highly efficient, fixed with double rollers, and uses an advanced computer numerical control (CNC) system. The CNC computer screen displays the current log diameter and roller speed.

Classification of veneer peeling machines

Veneer peeling machine is one of the main equipment in plywood production. It is divided into shaftless rotary cutting machine and shaft rotary cutting machine. With the advancement of science and technology, digital servo control technology has also been applied to the production of veneer peeling machines.In recent years, CNC rotary cutting machines have appeared. Its emergence not only improves the quality and precision of panel production, but also greatly improves production efficiency and the automation of the entire machine. Shaftless veneer peeling machine is the main equipment in the plywood production line. Its technology is mature and almost all exports are fully automatic lines.

veneer peeling machines

1. Shaftless veneer peeling machine

Lathes are designed without a spindle. The log is clamped tightly by two rollers and then rotated to peel off the veneer. This type of veneer peeling machine is highly efficient and suitable for large-scale industrial production. The veneers produced are of high quality and uniform in thickness. Widely used in the production of furniture, plywood and other artificial panels.

2. Spindle veneer peeling machine

Spindle rotary cutting machines are designed with a spindle. The general method of rotary cutting is: the left and right clamping shafts clamp both ends of the wood section and drive it to rotate. The rotating blade installed on the tool bed is parallel to the axis of the clamping shaft and feeds in its vertical direction. Widely used in the production of veneer and thin plywood.

3. CNC rotary cutting machine

CNC rotary cutting machine is designed with computer control system. The logs are placed on the spindle and the machine is programmed to cut the veneer to a specific thickness, width and shape. This type of veneer peeling machine is highly efficient and suitable for processing logs of various sizes and shapes. It is widely used in the production of high-end wood products such as furniture and decorative panels.

Machine peeling of veneers ensures efficient processing of raw wood and is the best choice for the production of single-layer plywood and the production of fine surface coatings or joinery boards. We at XHC can provide one-stop complete solution services from layout design, process flow, customized equipment to final installation.

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