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Automatic Plywood Edge Trimming Saw

Established in 2007, Zhangzhou Xinhuacheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and trader specialized in the research, development, and production of all kinds of plywood machine (film-face plywood hot press, cold press, glue spreader, glue mixer, stainless steel plate, hot...


Wood Panel Cutting Saw

Trimming saw is safe and efficient, greatly reducing labor costs, saving human resources and facilitating management;

(1) It can operate by only one person.

(2) It can be continuous working within a short time. 

(3) It completely changes the traditional manual feeding way and designs for feeding and discharging automatically.1.2 Trimming saw designs to collect the edges of plywood which is not easy to break and easy to bind, save time;1.3 Trimming sawing adopts the pressure roller drive, with high durability; Guide rail positioning and the installation of an adjustable feeding device, so that the size of the finished saw plate is accurate (diagonal length error of less than 0.5mm);1.4 with advanced technology, the machine operates with a small vibration. The edge of the backboard is smooth and flat without cracking. The edge of the board does not need to be polished as a whole;1.5 the circuit adopts PLC system software: Electrical components are imported, reliable performance;(2) with a counting device, convenient operation, and management;(3) with the fault display device, convenient and quick maintenance;

Advantages Of Using An Automatic Plywood Edge Trimming Saw

1. Increased productivity:

An automated saw can cut the edges of plywood much quicker than manual trimming techniques. This aids in boosting efficiency and cutting down on time in woodworking tasks.

2. Consistency:

The automatic saw guarantees even and standardized cuts along the plywood's edges. This is useful in attaining a polished and smooth outcome, particularly when dealing with a considerable amount of plywood.

3. Precision:

Automated saws for trimming plywood edges come with precise cutting mechanisms for making clean and precise cuts. This aids in achieving a high degree of accuracy during the trimming procedure.


Wood Panel Cutting Saw

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