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Artificial Wood

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Artificial wood, with artificial forest or common tree species lumber turn cut (or plane cut) veneer is raw material, classics veneer bleach, dye, layer product glue, mold press the technology such as molding is made and become a kind of have natural precious tree species lumber simple sense, decorative pattern and tonal wait for characteristic or other artistic design new woodiness decorates material.

It can be processed according to different needs, so as to get different products, such as wooden square, sawn timber, thin wood and so on.

Artificial wood has all the excellent characteristics of natural wood, at the same time, compared with natural wood, but also has a lot of advantages :(1) the products produced by natural wood are generally limited by the log diameter, small size, and different size;

Artificial wood can be made according to the needs of a variety of specifications, thus simplifying the production process, and help to achieve continuous production;

(2) as a result of artificial wood texture and tone can be artificially controlled and, therefore, can imitate all kinds of natural precious wood, also can make does not have natural wood texture and tone, more colorful, more natural lumber and artificial wood in the process of production can get rid of some dead section, discoloration, such as natural defects of natural wood, therefore, compared with natural wood,

Artificial wood can better meet the personalized requirements of people;

(3) The wood yield of natural wood is lower than that of artificial wood due to the influence of log diameter;

And man-made wood is not tall to the requirement of raw material, raw material source is extensive, the price is low.

Therefore, artificial wood can not only alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand, but also realize the superior use of inferior materials. It is a real green environmental protection material and has a great space for development and the necessity of development.

As early as 60 time, the country such as Japan, Italy begins to develop and produce man-made wood, because start relatively earlier, the development of manufacturing technology is relatively fast also.

In the 1970s, Italy took the lead in achieving industrial production, and then rapidly developed towards the world.

The development of artificial wood in China began in the early 1980s and started relatively late.

The development of manufacturing technology is constantly improving, but compared with foreign countries, there is a gap caused by time in terms of production technology, production equipment, research depth and breadth.

In the mid - 80 - s, coastal city in south China was an artificial decoration two sub-companies named seaport hot, mainly imported from abroad man-made wood square, dig into two sub-companies named seaport, cover is made of high sales, due to its breed of design and color is much, products in short supply, some manufacturers and research institutions developed by artificial wood, and has made certain progress.

The production process of artificial wood is roughly as follows: log material selection → truncation → veneer rotary cutting → drying → gluing → group blank → molding → four edges correction → four edges sealing → different products are made according to different needs (such as thin wood, planing and cutting, sawing, etc.).

In the production of artificial wood, there are several technical key issues: the simulation of texture, and the technique of thin planing and veneer.

These are the important reasons for restricting the large-scale production of artificial wood. Therefore, in recent years, the research on artificial wood at home and abroad has focused on these aspects and made great progress

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