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Veneer Calibration Sander With Two Heads

This wide belt sander is designed for sanding surface of plywood, film faced plywood, block board /core-board, particle board/shaving board, MDF/HDF, solid wood board, etc.The body of this machine is well welded by heavy plate, steel I-beam, angle steel frame style, which improves stability of the machine.

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  • 846599

Factory Veneer Sanding Machine With Two Heads

After the equipment is heat treated and finished, the surface of the machine will be smoother and the equipment will be more durable. Daily equipment maintenance is also very important. The maintenance knowledge of the sander is shared below.

The Maintenance Steps And Maintenance Methods Of The Sander

1. Clean, remove sawdust, dust every day after use, and keep the sander clean before the next use.

2. Check the lift table regularly every week, and pay attention to adding butter, no dry grinding is allowed.

3. Check the sand roller bearings every week, and pay attention to adding butter to prevent the wear of the machine.

4. Conveyor belt, reduction box, check and replenish monthly, change gear oil every year.

5. Conveyor belt, check and adjust balance, degree of wear and tear, and whether there are cracks.

6. Electrical box, clean regularly, and fasten terminals.

6 Advantages Of Sanding Machine

1. The machine is mainly used for sanding processing of plywood, blockboard /wood core board, wood board, particleboard and MDF board surface.

2. The sand light roller is inclined to set, the pressing plate is provided with an inclined roller, and the angle of the horizontal direction of the feeding direction is formed.

3. Beam, beam, tension pressing plate made of iron castings, greatly improves the stability of the machine.

4. All bearings NSK, pneumatic components for AirTAC, Major electrical appliances for Schneider.

5. Rocker arm type control panel, reasonable layout, Simple and convenient operation.

6. Feed adopts frequency conversion and speed regulation, high production efficiency.

Sander Technical Parameters

Processing width


Processing thickness


Processing length

≥ 750mm

Speed of sanding belt


Size of feeding


Size of sanding belt



Sander machine

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