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The date for the 13th World Timber and Wood Products Trade Conference has been announced. Come and take a look

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Currently, the international environment is severe and complex, and the timber industry occupies an important position in the global economy. Wood is an important raw material in construction, furniture, handicrafts and other fields. It plays an irreplaceable role in people's daily lives and the development of all walks of life. The scale of the timber industry varies according to the development of different countries and regions. But overall, the timber industry occupies a certain proportion in the economies of various countries. China's economy continues to recover, production and supply are steadily increasing, and market demand continues to expand. Relevant data shows that the output value of the global timber industry has shown steady growth in recent years. As the world's largest wood importer and wood product producer and consumer, China provides the global wood industry with an "open, cooperative and win-win" ultra-large-scale market and plays a decisive role in the global wood market.


The China Timber and Wood Products Circulation Association has decided to hold the "13th World Timber and Wood Products Trade Conference" in Nanning, Guangxi on November 24-25, 2023 to discuss the development trends of global timber and wood products trade and build a platform for exchanges and cooperation. Promote the high-quality development of the timber industry and jointly explore new ideas and new approaches for the sustainable development of global timber and wood products trade.

The organizations that have confirmed to participate in this meeting are:

Sino-British International Forestry Trade and Investment Project (InFIT), World Resources Institute (WRI China), World Wildlife Fund China (WWF China), Sino-German Forestry Cooperation (GIZ), Japan External Trade Organization, Brazilian Forest Products Industry Association ( IBA), China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Pallet Professional Committee, Shanghai Timber Association, etc.


At the same time, the first World Forestry Industry Conference, Forestry Industry Exhibition, 2023 Guangxi Forestry and High-end Green Home Industry Development Matchmaking Conference and other related activities will also be held.

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