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Quick facts about safe practices and workplace requirements in wood processing sites

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1. Safe operation

(1) .Woodworking machinery operators must be familiar with the structure, operation and maintenance of various machinery.

(2). When operating woodworking machinery and equipment, work clothes should be worn with cuffs fastened. Lesbians must wear a work hat and hide their braids under the hat; gloves, scarves, etc. are not allowed.

(3). The machine should be tested before operation, and all components should be intact before operation.

(4). Rotating parts such as shafts, chains, pulleys, and belts of woodworking machinery should be equipped with covers and protective plates.

(5). If an emergency or other failure occurs during operation, the power supply should be cut off immediately and the machine should be shut down for maintenance. (6) When replacing saw blades or blades, the main power supply should be disconnected.

(7). Check the engine lubrication system before operation every day.

(8). When using a machine to clean the workbench, the machine should be turned off.

Machine safety instructions

2. Work place

(1). Processes using toxic, irritating, and flammable materials should be set up in a separate factory building, or arranged in an independent space within the factory building, and must be sealed, self-protected, and fire-extinguished.

(2). The transportation routes of wood, lumber, and waste materials in the workshop should include corridors, foyers, door curtains, curtains and other insulation layers. Dispersed fire extinguishers such as automatic fire doors, fire doors, and fire partitions shall not be installed.

(3). If equipment in the workshop needs to safely enter the work area, overpasses and stairs with protective railings should be installed, and non-slip floors will be installed in factory workshops and overpasses.

(4) .There should be no equipment or lines on the sidewalk. The width should not be less than 1 meter.

(5). Underground conveyor belts should be covered with covers or grid-like protective panels. The gap width in the network protector should not exceed 30 mm.

(6). Wood chip and waste storage tanks should be located outside the factory building.

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