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Plywood Core Veneer Roller Dryer for Veneer Production Line

The veneer dryer has a compact structure and a small footprint, which is one-half of the single-drum drying area of the same output. It works reliably, has low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, good material drying effect, and is easy to realize automation. control, fewer operators.

How To Choose A Veneer Dryer?

The veneer dryer has a compact structure and a small footprint, which is one-half of the single-drum drying area of the same output. It works reliably, has low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, good material drying effect, and is easy to realize automation. control, fewer operators.

1. It is necessary to choose drying facilities with simple structure, sufficient spare parts, good reliability and long service life

2. Specific materials must be used, and the basic requirements for material drying must be met, and it must be suitable for processing, dehydration, product quality and other requirements.

3. The operating cost should be as low as possible

4. Choose the dryer according to the size of the installation site

5. When choosing a model, you must do a drying experiment on the material, and you must have a deep understanding of the drying facilities that have been used for similar materials.

6. The dryer should be selected according to the average annual temperature and humidity of the current area.

The 5 Advantages Of Veneer Dryer

1. Easy to operate, save manpower, small footprint; safe and hygienic, environmentally friendly, no noise, no pollution. Easy to control, advanced technology.

2. Save floor space and improve working conditions. The equipment is small in size, and the heat radiation is weak at the same time, so it will not form a high temperature working environment.

3. Fast heating speed. The broken waste wood can be directly used as fuel to provide heat source for the dryer, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and greatly reduces the drying cost.

4. The veneer after drying is flat and smooth, with uniform moisture content; and it has direct contact heat transfer between the high-temperature roller and the wet veneer, high thermal efficiency, small heat loss, and reduced heat energy loss.

5. Energy saving efficiency. Because water-containing substances are easy to absorb microwaves and heat, there is almost no other loss except for a small amount of transmission loss, so it has high thermal efficiency and energy-saving effect.

What Are The Characteristics Of The Veneer Dryer?

The veneer drying equipment dries the logs directly and achieves good results. The characteristics of the veneer dryer are more obvious, mainly in several aspects:

1. It is more suitable for the drying of square wood, difficult-to-dry materials, heavy materials and mahogany. Wood that is difficult to dry or cannot be dried by other methods can be solved by high-frequency vacuum drying

2. The drying speed is fast, several times or ten times faster than conventional drying. Good drying quality and few drying defects. When the wood is heated by high frequency, the temperature is uniform, and if the drying process is well controlled, the wood can be dried without internal cracks, surface cracks and end cracks, so that there will be no loss during the drying process of the wood

3. The drying process is simple. Unlike other drying processes that require humidity adjustment and balance, it is only in the heating, drying and termination stages. The process is simple and easy to master, and workers with a technical secondary school level can operate it. In addition, it can realize single automation and multi-unit control automation

4. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, there is no "three wastes" pollution, it improves the working environment and reduces labor intensity. Both the high-frequency generator and the drying tank have taken good shielding measures, and the electromagnetic radiation is lower than the standard

What Are The Precautions For Using The Veneer Dryer?

1. Don't put a lot of planks at one time

When using the veneer dryer for drying work, be careful not to place too many veneers at one time to save trouble. This situation will affect the drying effect of the veneer and cause damage to the equipment to a certain extent.

2. The placed planks are guaranteed to be even

In order to ensure a good drying effect of veneers, when placing wooden boards, it is recommended to place veneers with uniform thickness and consistent size, so as to ensure the drying quality of veneers.

3. Pay attention to the ventilation of the equipment

During the drying process, because the internal temperature of the equipment is high, attention should be paid to the heat dissipation of the equipment itself. For the drying effect and the long-term use of the equipment, when using, pay attention to keep the ventilation and heat dissipation of the equipment.

4. Daily maintenance and maintenance

When the equipment is not in use, it is necessary to clean the equipment, inspect and repair the parts of the equipment, and pay attention to the use of lubricating oil for maintenance of the parts and joints of the equipment.

What Are The Advantages Of Veneer Dryers?

1. Low heat dissipation rate: the unit volume of the drying box holds more materials, that is, less heat dissipation surface

2. Reasonable recovery of heat energy: the heat conduction oil and air flow flow step by step, and the temperature of the drying chamber at each level decreases step by step, which is convenient for the subsequent stage to absorb the heat energy taken away by the moisture of the previous stage

3. The equipment structure is simple, the cost of manufacturing equipment is low, and the investment is small, which is conducive to popularization and use

4. Saving labor and energy: the materials enter the drying room in piles, and there is no need to break them up one by one, saving labor in feeding; there is no excessive power equipment, heat transfer oil circulation and air flow movement are weak movements, and power consumption Fewer, feeding in and out does not require too much power because of the slope, saving electric energy.

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