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Mdf plywood hydraulic laminating melamine wood hot oil press machine for veneer

Laminating hot press is fit for the furniture factory or panel decorative plant, which can make lamination for panel, such as wooden door, core board, MDF, Plywood, chipboard with all kinds of decorative paper HPL or veneer. It can also be used for drying or leveling veneer.

Hydraulic Veneer Mdf Lamination Hot Press Machine

This hot press can be used for veneering of wooden doors and fire doors. It is suitable for secondary veneer of various board ,ecological board, particle board, foam board and density board.

  • Veneer hot press

  • Solid hot pressing plate

  • Stable structure

  • Constant temperature and pressure

  • Energy saving and environmental protection

  • Ensure safety

4 Advantages

1. It can lift the hot platen,close the separation,add the pressure,keep the pressure,keep time, descend the hot platen and so on.
2. As to the oil heater,it is adjustable,safe, uniform temperature,energy saving and so on.
3. Cylinder:It is worked through excellent CNC precision machine tool.
4. It uses high quality oil envelop so as to avoid of oil leaking.

5 Features

1. PLC programmable control system so that it smooth,rapid closure,stable,effective and preloading
2. Hot platen:It is drilled from excellent carbon solid steel and it is high precision, high strength and durable.
3. It is manufactured on special worktable,so as to keep the hot platen easy to operate.
The electric oil heater is environmental protection instead of using coal or wood as it’s fuel.
4. Hydraulic system:It is “Triple Filter”and it has excellent oil pump and electric motor.
It uses right-angled one-way valve so that it can work smoothly.The pressure is adjustable.
5. Control system:Microcomputer ,Manually/Automatic controlled.


Hot Press Machine For Plywood

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