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L Model Veneer Splicer Woodworking Plywood Composer Machine

The overall structure is stable and reliable;Use electrical and electrical control system;Can be customized.

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Woodworking Plywood Composer Machine

What Veneer Composer Machine?

The veneer splicing machine is a special veneer splicing equipment used in the processing of furniture, crafts, cabinets, solid wood doors, and panels. It is mainly made of small-diameter logs, rotary-cut wood cores and other raw materials. It is the equipment for making whole-width solid core panels through gluing, extrusion, heating and other processes. Its equipment occupies a small area, is simple and flexible in operation, and has strong practical performance. It has a remarkable effect in improving production efficiency, increasing yield, and reducing labor intensity. 

How Does The Veneer Composer Machine Work?

Veneer composer working principle: first arrange the wood or boards to be spliced according to certain specifications and quantities, and then put them on the fixture for fixing. Then, the fixture is sent into the heating chamber to melt the glue on the surface of the wood or board, and then spread the glue evenly on the wood surface by means of gluing, gluing roller, etc. Finally, the fixture is sent into the press machine, and after high temperature and high pressure treatment, the glue on the surface of the wood or board is quickly cured, thereby realizing splicing.

The detailed operation process of veneer splicer machine has the following points:

1. Apply glue to the boards to be combined (it will be better to apply glue on both sides of the glued surface)

2. Lay the plates flat on the table according to the process specifications.

3. Push the hand valve, and the pressure beam goes down to flatten and fix the plate.

4. Clamp the plate with jigsaw clips (at least 3 splicer clips for each board)

5. Reset the hand valve, and the pressure beam goes up to release the plate.

6. Take out the plate and let it dry

7. Repeat steps 1-6 to complete batch panel work.

What Are The Basic Characteristics Of The Veneer Composer Machine?

1. Single-board splicing fuselage:

The overall structure is a steel frame, which is stable and reliable.

2. Side pressure and feed frame of the veneer splicer machine: 

The side pressure is composed of a pressure plate and an oil cylinder, which ensures the side alignment of the product workpiece during operation. After the product workpiece is placed, the feeding frame can conveniently place it to the stamping position and unload it smoothly.

3. The main pressure part of the splicing machine: 

It consists of a push plate and an oil cylinder. When the product workpiece is put into the pressing position, the manual reversing valve is switched to the pressing position for pressing.

4. Feeding frame

The locking part of the feeding frame is composed of a cylinder, a connecting rod and a lock sleeve.

5. The hydraulic system of the composer machine (optional): 

It is mainly used to meet the special requirements of the wooden house components for lamination.

6. Electrical and electrical control system:

Since the machine tool is composed of four groups of units, its operation part is composed of four independent operation units, which can be operated in practice or jointly.

7. Reversing valve:

The machine tool is the main part of the actual operation, and each part operates its own feed rack on the reversing valve to open and close, side pressure front and rear, pressure front and rear. There is a throttle valve behind the reversing valve to operate the opening and closing of the feeding rack, control the opening and closing speed of the feeding rack, and ensure synchronization with other units.

8. Pneumatic system:

Operate the locking of the feeding rack, and the manual reversing valve operates the locking device to open and close.

Why Is The Veneer Splicer Machine Important?

Veneer splicer machines are widely used in furniture manufacturing, architectural decoration, shipbuilding and other fields. In the field of furniture manufacturing, the veneer splicer machine can join wood of different colors and textures to make beautiful furniture. In the field of architectural decoration, the veneer composer machine can splice different types of panels to form large-sized panels, which are used for decorative materials such as floors, ceilings, and walls. In the field of shipbuilding, the veneer splicer machine can splice ship plates of different sizes together to make a larger hull structure. The veneer composer machine is a practical industrial automation equipment that can realize the splicing of various materials and is widely used in various fields. It has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, and material saving, which brings great convenience to the manufacturing industry.

The 4 Advantages Of Veneer Composer Machines

1. It can splice multiple small-sized wood or boards into one large board, which saves materials and space.

2. The splicing machine can realize high-precision splicing, so that the surface of the spliced plates is smooth, with high aesthetics and high strength.

3. The veneer splicer machine can realize high-efficiency production, which improves production efficiency and product quality.

4. The equipment occupies a small area, is simple and flexible to operate, and has strong practical performance. It has a remarkable effect in improving production efficiency, increasing yield, and reducing labor intensity.

Parameters Of Veneer Composer(can be customized)

Total land area(conventional)


Total motor power

Tooth splicer 30.7kw+cross splicer/receiver 25kw



Cooling system


Working thickness


Feeding board size


Out-feeding size


Air consumption


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