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Hot platen

We are actively engaged in manufacturing and supplying an excellent range of Plywood Hot Press Platen which is widely used in hydraulic press. Our offered platen is manufactured using superior quality components and the latest technology as per set industry standards. Further, our quality experts strictly examine this platen against well-defined quality parameters, in order to offer flawless supply at clients' end. Our clients can avail this platen from us in several technical specifications as per their requirement.
  • 1350x2700x42

  • xinhaucheng

  • XHC48-42

Plywood Hot Press Platen Manufacturer

As an important machine for processing and production, the plywood hot press has a very long working time every day after it is turned on. Therefore, be sure to carefully check the maintenance before and after startup to ensure safe and normal work. Today, our heat press supplier will introduce you to the maintenance of plywood heat press machine.

For the maintenance of the plywood hot press, there are mainly two aspects, one is the maintenance and maintenance of the hot pressing plate, and the other is the maintenance and maintenance of the sealing ring and the piston.

Maintenance Of The Heat Plate On The Plywood Heat Press

1. The upper and lower linings of the hot plate are very important to protect the surface of the hot plate. The upper liner directly affects the surface quality of the slab. Liners and heat presses often trap wood beams and other dirt. Therefore, the liner needs to be dismantled regularly to remove dust, dirt and impurities. The upper lining board is generally replaced once a week, and the surface is polished to ensure the quality of the finished board surface;

2. The installation of the upper lining must be made of wooden bundles and pressed tightly. Broken or different size boards cannot enter the plywood heat press. Direct pressing of fibreboard without a lining is not permitted. Long-term shutdown needs to remove the steam condensate in the hot plate in time to avoid internal corrosion;

3. It is found that the hot plate part is leaking. Repairable by welding. The water pressure should be tested after welding. The pressure is 1.2-1.4 times the steam pressure, repair welding. If the leakage is caused by serious internal corrosion, it should be replaced;

4. When the laminating machine is shut down for a long time, the steam condensed water in the hot plate should be drained to avoid corrosion of the hot plate.

How Should The Seals And Pistons On The Cylinder Be Maintained

1. The wear or incorrect installation of the rubber sealing ring is the direct cause of oil leakage in the cylinder; the damage or incorrect position of the piston surface is the indirect cause. When the surface of the piston is good, the rubber sealing ring can be used for more than 6 months when installed correctly;

2. When the sealing ring needs to be replaced, pay attention to safety and avoid introducing dirt and impurities. Replace the sealing ring after the support plate is fixed. Pay attention to prevent flange "flanging", so as not to affect the quality. The replaced seals should be carefully checked to analyze the cause of damage, just in case;

3. The hydraulic oil of the bonding machine should be kept clean, and the oil pool should be sealed. The filter of the suction pipe of the oil pump should be kept intact, and should be replaced if damaged. During maintenance, the sediment in the tank should be removed, and the oil should be clarified or filtered before use (the emulsion should be completely replaced). It is also very important to protect oil pumps and precision valves.

Need To Pay Attention To The Export Of Hot Plate

Electroplating is recommended, and the loading method of electroplated plates is as follows

First of all, open all the wool felts to check whether there is any injury on the board surface, and the injury needs to be dealt with in time. Then paint the unplated surface on the side to prevent rust and be beautiful. Then brush oil on the top and bottom to prevent rust, then wrap it all with film, and finally fix the wool felt on the wrap to prevent bumps.

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