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Heavy Type Hydraulic Double-Chuck Spindle Veneer Lathe

Plywood Spindle Veneer Lathe machine is used to process wood segments of certain length and diameter into continuous veneer tape for the production of plywood, fine wood and other wood-based veneer. The main technical parameters of the rotary cutting machine are the maximum length and diameter of the machined wood section.

Introduction of Spindle Veneer Lathe

The Hydraulic Double-Chuck Spindle Veneer Lathe refers to the method of fixing the wood by the rotary cutting machine, which is to use two chucks to clamp the cross sections of the two ends of the wood to turn the wood. The cardless rotary cutter means that the rotary cutter does not have a chuck, and the method of turning the wood is to rely on the three squeeze rollers to turn the wood together to achieve the work requirements. 

There is a card rotary cutting machine that can cut wood with a large diameter up to 1.3 meters in diameter, but the wood core needs to be more than 10 cm. The cardless rotary cutter can only cut small-diameter wood, but the wood must be round. Generally speaking, the wood can be rotated within 30 cm, and the wood core can be rotated to about 3cm.

Main Parameters


BQ1613/12(Z)Heavy Type A/B Gear

BQ1613/14(Z)Heavy TypeA/B Gear

Length of log



Diameter of log



Length of Blade

1400 Manual knife lock

1400 Manual knife lock

Diameter of chuck

Big 170 Small 100

Big 170 Small 100

Thickness of Veneer



Speed of chuck



Main motor power



Total weight



Overall Dimensions



Feature of Spindle Veneer Lathe

The distance between the two chucks of the rotary cutting machine determines the length of the rotary cutting wood segment, thus also determines the width of the veneer strip, which has a maximum distance and a maximum small distance. The length of the rotary knife is generally 50 mm larger than the maximum distance between the two chucks. 

The rotation speed of the chuck shaft and the transmission mode of the rotary cutting machine transmission are closed. At present, the rotary cutting machine can be divided into two types according to the rotation speed of the clamping shaft during the rotary cutting process.

The speed is fixed, the other is that the speed of the card shaft increases with the rotation of the wood segment. work feed:

The speed is the distance that the tool bed (rotary knife and pressing tooth) moves in each revolution or minute of the chuck shaft.

Distance, calculated in kim/revolution or light meter/min. The feed speed determines the thickness of the unscrewed veneer. In order to obtain different thickness of the veneer, the rotary cutter is equipped with a feed speed conversion mechanism - a feed box.



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