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Customers From Vietnam visiting the factory

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Customers From Vietnam visiting the factory

Customers from Vietnam and the Philippines are interested in our products like the 20 openings hot press with a loading system or manual. They have been bought the 2 sets cold press and automatic conveyors last year. We know each other by the man which stands in the middle and are from Philipines for many years. He knows many factories in China. Thanks for trusting and introducing many customers from other countries. They think our products are of good quality and good -sales. So this time they visit your factory, just want to buy the  2 sets of the hot press with the loading system. This photo was taken at lunchtime.

We like to challenge everything in the woodworking machine. We do our best to save the human cost in the line of the workshop. There is one factory for us to test. Automatic machines instead of workers is a trend in recent years. Now we are fighting for it. Also, we have produced some effects on this. Like the hot press, if you need semi-automatic 25 openings hot press, there two people can charge for 2 sets of hot press.

If you are interested in it, welcome to visit our plywood factory. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


600t-800t and 20-30 openings hot press 

Hot press includes oil cylinder, hydraulic station, hot oil temperature control system and electric control system. The main frame is made of the tray(up), the tray(middle), the tray(down) and columns. The hot platen which is designed for S-shaped to make sure the temperature uniformity. The hot platen which has the Q345 and Q235 in China. Our customer would ask which one is better. We have to say that Q345 is better than Q235 if you want to do the plywood for furniture, we suggest that you can choose the Q345.

The series of hot press machine apply to process furniture, film faced plywood. You can use it to press the plywood plank or laminate the wood veneer, film paper or melamine paper on plywood,  chipboard or MDF.

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