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Automatic Wood Based Plywood Core Veneer Composer Machine

The machine frame is made by laser cutting, stable and durable.the steel thickness is 16mm.Siemens servo drive,that can protect veneer from overlap.Rotary cylinder control glue sticking position accuracly.That guarantee veneer no any overlap.

  • XHC

  • 846599

Factory Plywood Core Veneer Splicing Machine

After rotary cutting and drying, the lengths, thicknesses, regular or irregular middle plates (commonly known as sandwich skins) are processed through the automatic operation of this machine to complete width detection, thickness sorting, void detection, and edge trimming. Cutting, gluing and splicing, cutting to length, automatic palletizing.

Common Causes Of Failures Of Automatic Composer Machines

1. The power is not fully opened.

2. The heating material is not pure iron, because iron has high magnetic permeability and is most easily heated.

3. The resonant relationship between the coil and your device does not match.

4. Your heating workpiece is too small and does not have enough energy to couple it. It is also important to mention that the inductance changes greatly after your workpiece is put in, and the resonant capacitor bank inside the device does not cooperate with the transformer.

Precautions For The Operation Of The Fully Automatic Composer Machine

1. Note that a worker must be optimistic about the overall operation and processing of the equipment. When the worker leaves the post, it must be stopped.

2. When the machine runs abnormally, it should be stopped immediately and handed over to a professional for maintenance, and the power supply should be turned off at the same time.

3. After each work, clean the equipment and do the daily maintenance of the equipment.

4. Do a good job on the shift record. 

Product usage and maintenance:

During the use of the fully automatic panel machine equipment, attention must be paid to the maintenance of the equipment, such as: regularly lubricating the position of the transmission guide rail slider, regularly cleaning the equipment, and regularly checking the line problems, etc. See the manual for details.

6FT Veneer Splicing Machine Parameters

Overall size


Total floor area (conventional plate tray)


Air consumption


Total power

380V 38KW

Linear speed




Out-feeding size

6*4FT 6*8FT


Splicing machine

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