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Applications of Wood

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Applications of wood

Wood is a traditional building material and is widely used in both ancient and modern buildings. Structurally, wood is mainly used for frames and roofs, such as beams, columns, etc. Many buildings in our country are made of wood. They have a high level of construction technology and art, and have unique styles.

In terms of processing and manufacturing, wood can be made into various artificial boards. Plywood is an artificial board made by cutting logs into thin slices and bonding them with glue and hot pressing. The sheets must be stacked in an odd number of layers, and the fibers of each layer should be kept perpendicular to each other. The maximum number of plywood layers can reach 15. Plywood greatly improves the utilization rate of wood. Its main features are: uniform material, high strength, no defects, large format, easy to use, and the board surface has a real, three-dimensional and natural beauty. It is widely used in buildings and various furniture and decoration.

wood dining table

Commonly used artificial boards include the following types:

In construction projects, fiberboard is made from scraps such as boards, shavings, branches and other scraps processed from wood, which are crushed, soaked and ground into wood pulp, then a certain amount of glue is added, and then hot-pressed and dried. Artificial panels. The apparent density of fiberboard is generally greater than 800kg/m3, which is suitable for thermal insulation materials. The characteristics of fiberboard are uniform material structure, isotropy, consistent strength, high flexural strength (up to 55MPa), wear resistance, good thermal insulation, not easy to expand, shrink and warp, not rotten, no wood knots, insect holes and other defects . .

Particleboard, wood wool board, and sawdust board are artificial boards made from wood wool and sawdust made from wood slag and scraps respectively, which are dried, mixed with adhesive, and then hot-pressed and formed. The binder used is synthetic resin, and inorganic cementitious materials such as cement and amaranth can also be used. This type of board generally has a low apparent density and low strength, and is mainly used as a thermal insulation and sound-absorbing material. However, among them, hot-pressed resin particle board and wood chip board can have plastic veneer or plywood as a facing layer on their surface, so that both It increases the strength of the board and makes the board decorative, and can be used as ceilings, partitions, furniture and other materials.


There are two main types of composite boards: composite flooring and composite wood boards. Composite flooring is a multi-layer laminated wood flooring, with 80% of the boards made of wood. This kind of floor usually consists of three parts: surface layer, core board and bottom layer. The surface layer is made of specially processed wood grain paper and transparent melamine resin pressed together under high temperature and high pressure; composite flooring is suitable for Floor covering for living rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

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