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800T Plywood Hydraulic Wood Cold Press Machine For Furniture Board

Cold press machine is the auxiliary in plywood production line, which is used to shorten the cycle time of hot press and improve the quality of plywood before gluing board.

What's Cold Press Machine?

Cold press machine is the auxiliary in plywood production line, which is used to shorten the cycle time of hot press and improve the quality of plywood before gluing board. Cold press machine belongs to the pressing machine. Cold press machine is mainly used to press the gluing veneer, so that make the initial shape, and then into the hot press machine to press. It is important to improve the quality of plywood, and it is an significant part. Cold press machine in general consists with the rack, fixed beam, moving beam, the plate device, cylinder and hydraulic system, electric control device components.

Main Parameters

Press platen dimensions


Max total thrus

50t (1.6kg/cm2)

Press of hydraulic system


Max platen opening


Oil cylinder

125mm*2 pcs

Hydraulic motor power


Overall dimensions


Net weight


Why Choose Cold Press Machine?

1. Solid Structure  

This table makes the pressure evenly distributed on the table surface, ensuring the flatness of the pressure surface for a long time and improving the quality of processed products.

2. Integrated Oil Cylinder

The integrated oil cylinder can guarantee the long time use without oil leakage, so as to achieve good pressure protection effect.

3. High-level Check Value

Imported check valve, precise oil control system, ensure the stability of hydraulic oil in and out.

4.Perfect Pressure keeping System

When there is no oil, the machine will stop running to avoid motor damage and other phenomena.

How To Distinguish The Quality Of Melamine Decorative Board?

1. Check whether there are dry or wet flowers on the surface. If there are bright dots or charring on the surface of the sheet, these are tests of the mastery of the factory's craftsmanship and one of the important ways to check the quality of the sheets.

2. Look at the flatness of the melamine decorative board, look at the direction of the 45-degree angle in a slightly dark place to see if the board is uneven, and observe whether the three seams are obvious.

3. The degree of deformation of the plate is also a test of the manufacturer's technological ability. Generally speaking, before the board is finished, there are two slightly deformed pieces on the top of each package. If there is a large area of deformation, it is really a quality problem.

Classification Of Melamine Board

1. Environmental protection grade of melamine board

The environmental protection level of melamine board is the European environmental protection standard. There are three levels in the first place. From high to low, they are F0, F1, and F2. The corresponding formaldehyde limited level is

Divided into E2, E1, E0 three levels. For each kilogram of board, the release amount of E2 grade formaldehyde is small or equal to 5 mg, that of E1 grade formaldehyde is small or equal to 1.5 mg, and the formaldehyde emission of E0 grade is 0.5 micrograms of small dry and equal dry. It can be seen that the melamine board grade is environmentally friendly, and the one that reaches the E0 level is the most environmentally friendly melamine board grade.

2. Fire rating of melamine board

In fact, the melamine board has a certain flame retardancy and a certain fire resistance function. The veneer is a decorative paper soaked with melamine adhesive, then dried, and hot-pressed with the base material to form a melamine board. The melamine board has high hardness, wear resistance, good heat resistance, and can also resist general acid and alkali alcohol. However, because the ordinary melamine board has no fireproof particles, the fireproof rating is not so high, but it is also very heat-resistant.

3. Lake-proof grade of melamine board

A certain proportion of moisture-proof particles is added to the melamine board during the production process of the material, which can greatly reduce the probability of the board to swell with water. The melamine board is light in texture, mildew-proof, lake-proof and waterproof. It is a good moisture-proof performance for indoor and outdoor decoration. The board, its moisture resistance level is very high.


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