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800 tons automatic plywood cold press machine

Plywood is one of the commonly used materials for furniture, and is one of the three major wood-based panels. It is a slab made of glued veneers crisscrossed in the direction of the wood grain, and pressed under heating or non-heating conditions.

800 Tons Hydraulic Cold Press Machine For Plywood Making

Plywood is one of the commonly used materials for furniture, and is one of the three major wood-based panels. It is a slab made of glued veneers crisscrossed in the direction of the wood grain, and pressed under heating or non-heating conditions. It is the most common. The pressing machinery is a cold press. .When the existing cold press is cold-pressing the plywood, it only cold-presses the plywood in the form of vertical cold pressing. This method cannot take into account the edge of the plywood, so that the edge of the plywood is prone to appear when the plywood is extruded. The problems of detachment and uneven extrusion greatly reduce the cold-pressed quality of the plywood. At the same time, secondary extrusion is required, which is cumbersome and has poor practicability.

Working Principle Of Plywood Cold Press

Cold press, that is, cold dryer compressor. The amount of water vapor in the compressed air is determined by the temperature of the compressed air: while keeping the compressed air pressure basically constant, reducing the temperature of the compressed air reduces the water vapor content in the compressed air, and the excess water vapor condenses into liquid. The cold press uses this principle to dry the compressed air with refrigeration technology.

A cold press has a refrigeration system. In the refrigeration system of the cold press, the evaporator is a device for conveying cold energy, and the refrigerant absorbs the heat of the compressed air in it to achieve the purpose of dehydration and drying. The compressor is the heart and plays the role of inhaling, compressing and transporting the refrigerant vapor. The condenser is a device that emits heat, and transfers the heat absorbed in the evaporator together with the heat converted from the input power of the compressor to the cooling medium for removal.

The expansion valve/throttle valve acts as a throttling and pressure reduction for the refrigerant, controls and adjusts the amount of refrigerant liquid flowing into the evaporator at the same time, and divides the system into two parts: the high-pressure side and the low-pressure side. In addition to the above components, the SSS type cold press also includes energy regulating valve, high and low pressure protector, automatic drain valve, control system and other components.

5 Features Of Plywood Cold Press

1. Cold press is a necessary equipment for manufacturing plywood, blockboard and building formwork. (A little carelessness will cause unnecessary losses).

2. The operation of the cold press must have technical operation, requiring the operator to be skilled, responsible, and professionally trained staff to operate.

3. The pressure of the cold press is generally 10-20 megabytes. For cold press control, there are generally only two types of semi-automatic control and automatic control. The pressure control is automatically adjusted and is equipped with time orientation, and the operator can adjust it according to the pressure time used.

4. It adopts a gantry structure and consists of a frame, a movable beam, a hydraulic cylinder, a hydraulic oil circuit system, and an electrical control system.

5. After the work of assembling the blanks, the slabs are sent to the working area of the cold-pressed plate, and through the up and down tele-motion of the pressure cylinder, the pressurization of the blanks, the automatic supplementary pressure, and the unloading are completed, and the control process of the whole program of checking the plates is completed.

How To Maintain A Plywood Cold Press

1. After each shift, the cold press must be cleaned to keep the lifting screw clean.

2. Lubricate the worm gear, worm, and lifting screw with calcium-based grease every week. The lifting screw and nut should be filled with 30# oil frequently.

3. The oil level of the oil cylinder should be kept between 25mm and 45mm. If the oil level is lower than 25mm, hydraulic oil should be added. When the oil cylinder is refueled, a block with a height greater than 100mm must be placed between the upper and lower sides before oil filling operation.

4. In addition to the need to pay attention to the operation of the cold press, it also needs regular maintenance. After each shift, the cold press must be cleaned to keep the lifting screw clean. Empty blister machine (also known as thermoforming machine) is a machine that absorbs heated and plasticized PVC, PE, PP, PET, HIPS and other thermoplastic plastic coils into various shapes of packaging boxes, boxes and other products.


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1. Our machine's Steel plate are based on the pressure's requires to custom, to achieve our commitment pressure, quality assurance.
2. The upper and lower pliers by the gantry milling finishing, to ensure absolute formation.
3. The use of hydraulic system work, lifting speed, pressure uniformity, high efficiency.
4. With overpressure automatic control circuit and pressure off the oil protection, automatic lift, automatic oil off.
5. Fast and efficient pressing, emergency safety braking, trip limited device.
6. Automatic compression and unloading pressure function.
7. Workbench height convenient worker operation.

5 Advantage

1. The hydraulic cold press work noise is small, fast lifting speed, strong pressure stability, low maintenance rate.
2. The whole structure is compact, beautiful atmosphere, stable performance, durable.
3. Because foreign voltage different our country's voltage, most domestic manufacturers only change the motor, do not care about other electrical components, when clients using cold presser machine in his factory , the electrical components easy to have fever phenomenon , at last to burn down. Our cold presser will not happen.
4. Working quality to be good, pressing fast and efficient.
5. Easy to operate, reasonable design, stable performance.

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