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600T Hot Press Exports To Indonesia

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Common failures and solutions for 600T hot press




         1.Tilt   Platform

loose screw bolt for wire rope

Fix it again

breakage for wire rope

Change the wire rope

          2. Not move up

Motor forward, but not oil leakage

Solenoid valve and overflow valve  freezing

Not motor forward

Whether the motor is burnt or not and the electrical circuit control part of the motor is damaged or not.

3. Lift not in place

guide holder freezing

Space is within limits between the guide block and column.

hydraulic oil shortage

Add the oil

4. oil leakage

oil muddy and oil seal breakage

Clean the oil box and change the oil, and replace the   oil seal and oil cylinders

5. pulley dislocation

pull out the bolt

If the pulley, not breakage, please be reposition, or please replace it.

6.wire rope wear and breakage

pulley freezing

replace the wheel bearing and pulley assembly

Mechanical maintenance for 600T 20 openings hot press machine

1. Check oil leakage for the fuel tank connection and oil pipe every week.

 2. To check the screw loosed for the platform and guide block assembly weekly, if yes, must be locked.

 3. Check the tightness and breakage of the wire rope every month. If yes, please adjust or replace it.

 4. Add the oil to the guide wear-resistant blocks and steel wire rope every 1-2 months. Check the oil leakage of the oil cylinder.      If yes, please replace the oil seal.

Mechanical specification for 600T 20 openings hot press machine

A: Please read below information before use

1. Please check whether the insurance mechanism runs well or not.

2. Check whether the steel wire rope is broken or not, and check whether the fixed nut of the steel wire rope bolt is loose or not.

3.B: Steps

      1. The machine runs several times to see if there is any abnormality, and after finished trying, the glued boards will be sent to the lift         platform.

2. In the lift, step on the pedal to move up layer by layer.

3. After finishing the work, step on the pedal to move down slowly.

5. After the machine is smooth and steady, the workers can move out slowly.

6. Prepare the boards for the next work

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