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6 Features of Using A Plywood Trimming Saw

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Plywood is made of flat planks of wood glued together. It is an extremely versatile product that forms strong and uniform sheets by gluing them together at different angles. From building walls and roofs to flooring and furniture manufacturing. When using these sheets for any of these applications, it is important to ensure that the edges are smooth and straight to ensure a perfect fit and smooth surface. This is where a plywood trimming saw comes in handy. The cutting technology is manual to automatic. A big leap in cutting Looking forward, compared with ordinary hand saws, this machine has five characteristics: precision, efficiency, energy saving, labor saving, and protection. This linear sawing machine can be used for trimming in the production of plywood, blockboard, particle board, MDF, etc. In this article, we’ll look at four features of using a plywood trimming saw.

What is a plywood trimming saw?

The edge sawing machine is an important woodworking machinery. This machine is a device for automatic, high-speed and precise trimming and edge sealing of boards. Enables high-quality sizing of high-speed panel or plywood feeds. The equipment is equipped with an automatic pushing device, which can automatically and magically feed the boards cut by the slitting saw into the cross-cut saw. The fully automatic four-sided plywood saw consists of a front hydraulic lifting device, a front feeding table, a slitting device, a rear feeding table, a transverse shearing device, a rear hydraulic lifting device, and a sawdust collection device.

plywood trimming saw

Features of plywood trimming saw

Wide range of uses

This linear saw machine can be used for "plywood, high-density board, Malacca,  woodworking board, solid wood multi-layer board, fireproof board, melamine base board, building wood formwork, plastic building formwork, bamboo horizontal board, fireproof board , packaging board" and other boards.

Automated production

Automatic board feeding, automatic conveying, automatic edge trimming, and automatic board collection. The entire process does not require manual participation, and the work is safe and reliable.

High functionality

perfect ergonomics, it meets the highest requirements in terms of technology and equipment. Fully automatic lifting platform. The air cushion on the machine table protects the workpiece during handling.

High-alloy saw blade

We use high-alloy saw blade, which is heat-resistant and durable, and suitable for high-speed cutting.

Sufficient power

Each saw blade is driven by a 5.5kw motor, which provides strong power for cutting different types and thicknesses of boards.

Sturdy frame structure

Using large steel and rollers, with a total weight of more than 5000 kg, the machine is very stable during high-speed cutting.

How to Maintain a Plywood Trimming Saw

Cleaning requirements

The edge saw should be cleaned after daily use. Do not allow dust to contaminate the main parts of the wood edge saw. Especially sliding guide rails, saw shafts, electronic control systems, and lifting rack walking tracks. When not in use for a long time, please cover it with canvas to avoid dust. The trimming saw should be equipped with an independent 0.75kw air compressor (w-0.9/8). Do not install the edge sawing machine in the open air, uneven ground, underground water, leaky workshops, or places exposed to direct sunlight.

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