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5 Easy Steps To Use The Plywood Glue Spreader

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A plywood gluer is a tool used to apply glue evenly to plywood. By using this tool, you can ensure that the glue is applied correctly to achieve the desired bond strength. Used to apply glue to core veneer, multi-layer boards, plywood, blockboard and more. It has three rollers and four rollers. The three-roller type is a single-sided glue coating machine.

What is a plywood glue spreader?

This equipment improves glue utilization and reduces and minimizes glue consumption. Equipped with high-quality rubber rollers and chromate-treated scraper rollers. The glue is evenly distributed, helping the veneers stick firmly and precisely. A plywood glue spreader is an essential tool for anyone who works with wood regularly. It makes difficult gluing jobs much easier and ensures that the glue is evenly distributed over the entire surface.

plywood glue spreader

Now that we know what a plywood gluer is, let’s delve into the steps of using it.

Step 1: Prepare the Plywood

Our equipment uses a cold glue supply system that stores glue in a closed storage space, which reduces waste caused by glue solidification compared to fully developed glue holding methods. First, we start by making sure the surface is clean and free of dirt, grease, and any other debris. Having a dirty surface will prevent the glue from adhering to the surface properly.

Step 2: Apply glue to surface

Once the plywood is clean, apply glue to the surface using a plywood spreader, applying a thin layer of glue. Make sure to apply enough glue to cover the entire surface of the plywood.

Step 3: Apply Glue to Plywood

Place plywood spreaders on the panels. Apply gentle pressure to spread the glue evenly over the panel surface. When moving the spreader, make sure the spreader remains at an angle to the surface.

Step 4: Repeat the process for the other side

After you've evenly spread the glue over the surface, flip the plywood over and repeat the process on the other side. Scrape off the excess glue. Our machine adopts a bottom hopper design, which eliminates the need to repeatedly add glue, saves cleaning labor, and greatly improves work efficiency.

Step 5: Let the glue dry

After the final glue is evenly applied and excess glue has been removed, let it dry for the recommended time as recommended by the manufacturer's instructions. This step ensures that the glue has a stronger bond and can withstand different types of stress.

XHC is one of the leading companies in glue applicators. Our company mainly produces and supplies glue coating machines, veneer peeling machines and other woodworking equipment. Plywood of various specifications can be customized according to user needs. As a manufacturer and exporter of Glue Coating Machines and Heavy Duty Glue Coating Machines, we are moving forward in this field with heavy steps. The diameter and length of the glue rollers of our plywood applicators comply with industry standards. The rubberized rollers offered by us are in ideal weight and dimensions as per the requirements of the clients.

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