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4 types of veneer dryers

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The veneer dryer is specially designed and manufactured for drying sawdust, small wood chips and veneers. This device can be used as a heat press and dryer. The equipment is used to dry veneers, which are thin pieces of wood used to cover furniture, cabinets and other items. The drying press uses heat and pressure to dry the veneer quickly and effectively. The first is to send the drying function. After the hot pressing process, the machine will remove excess moisture by adjusting the temperature. enabling it to be used in a variety of applications.

After peeling the logs, you will get fresh boards. For long products or next plywood manufacturing process, we need to remove moisture and moisture, so you need core veneer dryer or drying line. This equipment is the most cost-effective solution for sheet drying. This equipment is a suitable replacement for traditional drum dryers and provides excellent results for a wide range of plywood, blockboard and veneer manufacturing companies.

How many types of veneer dryers are there?

There are mainly four types: breathing dryer, square tube veneer dryer, drum drying line and mesh belt drying line.

1.Breathing Hot Press Dryer

It squeezes the board like a heat press during the drying process, making the surface of the core veneer smoother. A special feature of this type of equipment is that all hot plates are switched off simultaneously, i.e. all plates can be dried simultaneously. This prevents those boards from drying out too much on the top and too much on the bottom. Suitable for drying and leveling rotary cut veneers. The hot plate is made of aerospace materials, which has a longer service life and high flatness.

To ensure the quality of finished boards. Detachable frame and solid cylinder, stable performance, fully automatic hydraulic system! So the quality of plywood produced with this veneer will be very good.

2. Square tube veneer dryer

This type of veneer dryer uses thermal oil and steam as the heating medium and can dry at least 1-3 square meters of boards per hour. Capacity depends on the thickness of these boards and moisture content. Its advantages are small installation size and small floor space. Good drying performance, at least 0.5-1.0 cubic meters per drying time. The number of machine layers of this equipment can be designed according to customer requirements.


3.Roller Veneer Dryer line

This type of equipment occupies a larger area and can produce different drying widths, lengths and floors to meet different drying capabilities. Achieve continuous veneer quality control. It can also be used directly after the wood layers are peeled, and the moisture and thickness of these boards can be monitored simultaneously through non-contact sensors. Nowadays they are becoming more and more popular.


4. Mesh Dryer line

The type can be of varying number of layers, lengths and widths, so we usually supply and produce according to the capacity you require. It has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency and small heat loss. It can automatically collect materials, save labor, have large drying output, high drying intensity, save fuel, reuse hot air, increase heating speed, and make the veneer smooth after drying.

One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of XHC Hydraulic Wood Veneer Dryer/Core Veneer Dryer. We provide our customers with the highest quality mechanical products, leading services and technical support that meet international standards. The company is able to provide custom-designed heat presses based on customers' specific requirements. Operating a dryer is a simple process that requires careful preparation, loading and monitoring. By following these steps, you can ensure that these boards are properly dried and ready for a variety of applications.

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