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4 Benefits of using plywood cold press

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Cold presses are pressing machinery. The cold press is an auxiliary equipment in the plywood production line, used to shorten the cycle time of the hot press and improve production efficiency. Plywood is a versatile material widely used in construction, furniture manufacturing and other industries. It is made by gluing together several thin layers of wood veneer and then compressing it under high pressure and temperature. Plywood cold press machine is in high demand in the woodworking industry as it offers excellent features and benefits to the woodworking industry.

What is a plywood cold press?

It is a piece of equipment used to press multiple layers of wood veneers together to form plywood. The cold press is mainly used to press the glue-coated veneer to preliminary shape it, and then enter the hot press for pressing. The machine applies pressure to the glued veneers at room temperature, which helps cure the glue and bond the layers together. The machine compresses the wood veneer between two pressure plates and heats it to a predetermined temperature and pressure.

XHC produces cold presses of various specifications, including 400t, 500t, and 600t. Its structure is not complicated and mainly consists of press frame, oil cylinder and hydraulic station. Compared with the hot press, the cold press does not require heating function, takes a long time and is low in cost.

plywood cold press

What are the benefits of using a plywood cold press?

1. Quality

The body of the cold press is made of steel plate. It has a sturdy and reliable body. It ensures consistent pressure and temperature, thus ensuring the quality of the plywood produced. It also ensures that the edges of the veneer are properly aligned for a more even and beautiful appearance.

2. Efficiency

Plywood cold press can produce large quantities in a short time. The device has a user-friendly interface. Due to its interface, the machine is easy to understand and easy to use. This is because it applies pressure and heat evenly at the same time, ensuring the glue cures in less time. This reduces production time.

3. High cost performance

By using plywood cold presses, manufacturers can significantly reduce production costs. Equipped with a high-power hydraulic motor, the equipment can produce large quantities of sheets in a single cycle, eliminating the need for labor and reducing the possibility of human error.

4. Environmental protection

The glue used in this device is environmentally friendly as it is made from natural ingredients. This means the machine doesn’t emit harmful pollutants, which is better for the environment.

Plywood cold press is an important tool for manufacturing high-quality plywood. It can be used to press furniture boards, wooden doors, various boards and the leveling and shaping of furniture, and can make the bonding between boards strong. It ensures consistency and efficiency of the production process, reduces costs and increases profits. The steel plates of our machines are all customized according to the pressure requirements to achieve the pressure and quality assurance we promise. With the benefits of using a plywood cold press, it’s no wonder more and more manufacturers are turning to this technology. For more product information, click to contact us!

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