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4*8FT Veneer Hot Press Drying Machine for Plywood And Chipboard


How To Maintain The Hot Plate?

Maintenance Of Sealing Ring And Piston

1. The wear or incorrect installation of the rubber sealing ring is the direct cause of the oil leakage of the oil cylinder; the damage or incorrect position of the piston surface is the indirect cause. When the piston surface is good, the rubber sealing ring installed correctly can have a service life of more than 6 months;

2. When the sealing ring needs to be replaced, pay attention to safety and avoid bringing in dirt and impurities, and then replace the sealing ring after the support plate is fixed. Pay attention to prevent the "flange" phenomenon of the sealing ring, so as not to affect the quality. The replaced sealing ring should be checked carefully, and the cause of damage should be analyzed, so as to take preventive measures;

3. The hydraulic oil of the bonding machine should be kept clean, and the oil pool should be sealed with a cover. The filter screen of the oil suction pipe of the oil pump should be kept intact, and if it is damaged, it should be replaced in time. During maintenance, the sediment in the pool should be removed, and the oil should be clarified or filtered before use (all emulsions should be replaced). It is also very important to protect oil pumps and precision valves.

Maintenance Of Hot Plate?

1. The upper and lower linings of the hot pressing plate are very important to protect the surface of the hot pressing plate. The upper lining directly affects the surface quality of the slab. Dirt such as wood bundles is often caught between the lining and the hot-pressed plate. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the lining regularly to remove dust, dirt, impurities and other dirt on it. . The upper liner is generally replaced once a week in order to polish the surface and ensure the quality of the finished board surface;

2. For the installation of the upper liner, the wooden bundle must be padded before it can be pressed up. Slabs that are damaged or of different sizes cannot enter the hot press. It is not allowed to directly press the fiberboard without the liner. If the machine is shut down for a long time, it is necessary to remove the steam condensate in the hot plate in time to avoid internal corrosion;

3. Partial air leakage is found on the hot pressing plate, which can be repaired by electric welding. After welding, the water pressure should be tested, and the pressure should be 1.2-1.4 times the steam pressure, and the welding repair should be repaired. If the leak is caused by severe internal corrosion, it should be replaced;

4. If the bonding machine is shut down for a long time, it is necessary to drain the steam condensed water in the hot pressing plate to prevent it from corroding the hot pressing plate.

How To Choose The Right Hydraulic Cylinder?

Depending on the industry and equipment used in the cylinder, hydraulic cylinders are also suitable for different types and types of oil. For example, according to the structure of the oil cylinder, such as oil piston type, swing type, telescopic type, etc., the piston cylinder has high efficiency and good stability. This advantage makes it one of the most commonly used cylinder types. Different types of cylinders have different working principles and fluid characteristics. When purchasing, effectively ensure that the type of cylinder that meets your needs is consistent with the actual equipment parameters and principles.

1. Compare Cylinder Manufacturers

Of course, it is necessary to have a lot of understanding and comparison of hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, mainly to understand the ranking form of hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, company registered capital, self-owned equipment production lines and other information, so as to determine the scale and strength of hydraulic cylinder manufacturers. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers Strong manufacturers will not produce poor quality products.

2. Based On The Quality Of The Cylinder

The quality of the hydraulic cylinder is directly related to the application effect of the hydraulic cylinder. Professional oil cylinders should be made of steel or other alloy materials, which are stable and reliable, so that the oil cylinders have good firmness and can be used for a long time without wear and aging; at the same time, the oil cylinders have been treated with strict requirements, and the surface is smooth and coated with high-quality paint.

Can The Plywood Heat Press Be A Veneer Heat Press?

The plywood hot press machine is mainly used to process and manufacture plywood, and it is used to hot press and glue the slabs after gluing and combination. Moreover, different plywood has different requirements for the performance of the hot press. In terms of operation mode, it can be divided into two types: periodic type and continuous type. Whether it is a veneer heat press depends on whether this type of heat press can be used for heat press veneer. If so, it can be used as a veneer heat press.


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