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4*8FT Full Automatic plywood laminate hot press machinery

For the production of plywood, the hot press machine is one of the equipment that plays an important role in the production process.

Automatic Woodworking Plywood Hot Press Machine

In a production line, there are a lot of equipment needed, but there are always a few pieces of equipment that are produced

The point, to put it more seriously, is that the quality of the product is mainly reflected in the application of these devices. 

For the production of plywood, the hot press machine is one of the equipment that plays an important role in the production process.

The hot press machine is mainly used for hot pressing and gluing of the boards after gluing and combination, that is to say, the plywood is Whether the glue can be opened during the long-term use mainly depends on the application of the hot press,so the performance of the hot press.It as a great influence on the quality of plywood!

How Is The Plywood Heat Press Machine Constructed?

The hot press is mainly composed of three parts, namely, the hot press body, the control drive part (hydraulic system and electric

control system), heating system. Therefore, when choosing a heat press, you should pay attention to the performance of these three aspects of the machine, because choosing a high-quality heat press is crucial to the quality of the plywood and even the entire plywood production line! 

Types Of Heat Press

We all know that plywood can be divided into many types according to different applications, and different types of glue Plywood has different performance requirements for hot presses, so when purchasing a hot press, it should be based on the desired production Choose the right machine according to the type of plywood produced: such as ordinary plywood, aviation plywood, plastic veneer,The pressure required for the manufacture of wood-laminated plastic panels and ship plywood increases sequentially. Second plywood heat press machineAccording to the operation mode, it is divided into two types: periodic and continuous. The domestically commonly used is the periodic multi-layer hot press. according to your own the specific construction needs to choose a suitable hot press machine, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Therefore, when purchasing a heat press, in addition to paying attention to the practical performance of all aspects of the heat press, you should also targeted selection according to the type of plywood!

What Are The Environmental Conditions And Safety Instructions For The Heat Press?

1. The hot press should be used under the actual environment and operating conditions specified below.

2. Humidity and temperature: the ambient humidity should be in the range of 30%~90%; the ambient temperature should be 0-45°C, the daily temperature.

3. The dust concentration shall not exceed 10mg/m3.

4. Altitude: below 1000m.

5. Atmospheric environment: no salt, acid gas, corrosive gas, flammable gas and oil mist.

6. Avoid ambient temperature changes caused by sunlight shining on the machine tool or operating the machine tool.

7. The installation location should be far away from vibration sources.

8. The installation location should be far away from flammable and explosive materials.

9. There must be no conductive dust in the workshop.

10. There must be no rain or snow in the factory building.

11. Working conditions of hot press.

12. The ground is flat, clean, and free of mixture.

13. The aisle is smooth and there are no obstacles.

14. The indoor light is sufficient and cannot affect the normal operation of the machine tool.

15. Equipped with an independent source supply device.

16. There is an independent power protection switch.


hot Press machine

How To Check The Plywood Heat Press Regularly?

The hot press molding machine is suitable for the mixing processing and batching test of polymers in the rubber and plastic industries such as PVC, masterbatch and other chemical raw materials, to test whether the required color and quality are achieved, and can be used as the basis for batching before mass production in the factory . Put the plastic or rubber raw material in the mold, sandwich it between the upper and lower electric heating plates, and apply pressure under the intelligent constant temperature of the electric heating plate to shape the raw materials.

When the heat press is in the purchase, what we worry about is that the welded appearance of the workpiece welded from the heat press machine is flat, whether there is a bad box, such as Avery solder, which requires us to test it on site, watch welding samples Is it flat. Second, responsiveness is in use, and it must be fast. It is necessary to carry out troubleshooting and alarm functions to prevent burning workpieces, which can be said to be one of the necessary conditions for choosing a good heat press.

During the inspection process, we need to carry out according to its specifications, so that the operation of the heat press machine can be properly and effectively, first of all, we need to ensure the heat, lubrication, transmission of the main parts motor, reducer, bearing to a certain extent. There is also a control system stroke switch. Regardless of whether the pneumatic parts are working normally, attention should be paid to the fact that the slabs, pallets, and wool cannot be left in the press, otherwise there may be a fire, and it is necessary to check frequently whether the hot oil pump has abnormal sound. Check for leaks and note dust and pressure structures on the outside of the heatpipe.

The plywood hot press can be used as an important machine that affects the production of a processing enterprise in the process of management and operation. It takes a very long time to complete the work after starting every day, so we need students to carry out careful maintenance before starting and during normal maintenance. Check, so that you can ensure that the security system is working properly. Single-layer heat press single working platform, rotating working platform, left and right movable platform and other diversified working modes. Heat press manufacturers should choose different products and heating speeds. Titanium alloy indenter ensures uniform temperature, fast heating and long service life. The pressure head is specially designed to be horizontally adjustable to ensure that the components are evenly pressed. The temperature is numerically controlled, clear and precise. Equipped with a digital pressure gauge, the pressure range can be preset.

The plywood hot press is to a certain extent a way to connect technical equipment. During operation, it is necessary to heat the parts that have been tinned with good flux in advance. When using the hot press, it is heated to the temperature that makes the solder melt and flow , After continuous curing, an effective connection of one enterprise is developed between the parts and the solder part, and the heat press can be divided into two pulse heat presses, constant temperature heat presses, and double pressure head control pulse heat presses , Double-station heat press and other different products.

How To Maintain The Plywood Heat Press Machine?

1. The upper and lower linings of the hot pressing plate are very important to protect the surface of the hot pressing plate. The upper lining directly affects the surface quality of the slab. Dirt such as wood bundles is often caught between the lining and the hot-pressed plate. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the lining regularly to remove dust, dirt, impurities and other dirt on it. . The upper liner is generally replaced once a week in order to polish the surface and ensure the quality of the finished board surface;

2. For the installation of the upper liner, the wooden bundle must be padded before it can be pressed up. Slabs that are damaged or of different sizes cannot enter the hot press. It is not allowed to directly press the fiberboard without the liner. If the machine is shut down for a long time, it is necessary to remove the steam condensate in the hot plate in time to avoid internal corrosion;

3. Partial air leakage is found on the hot pressing plate, which can be repaired by electric welding. After welding, the water pressure should be tested, and the pressure should be 1.2-1.4 times the steam pressure, and the welding repair should be repaired. If the leak is caused by severe internal corrosion, it should be replaced;

4. If the bonding machine is shut down for a long time, it is necessary to drain the steam condensed water in the hot pressing plate to prevent it from corroding the hot pressing plate.

Hot Press machine

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