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1800tons High Speed MDF Press Lines

What is a short cycle press?
Short cycle presses are used to refine finishes on boards made of wood materials. Therefore, sanded particleboard and MDF/HDF with a smooth, fine-pored surface are particularly suitable.
  • 4X8FT

  • xinhaucheng

What Is MDF?

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residues into wood fibers, usually in a defibrillator, combining it with wax and resin binders, and by applying high temperature and Pressure forms the panel. MDF is generally denser than plywood. It consists of separated fibers but can be used as a building material similar to plywood. It is stronger and denser than particleboard.

The name stems from the difference in fiberboard density. Mass production of MDF began in the 1980s in North America and Europe.

Characteristic Of Mdf? Why MDF Is Suitble For Laminating Impregnated Melamine Paper?

Over time, the term MDF has become a generic name for any drylaid fiberboard. MDF is typically composed of 82% wood fiber, 9% urea-formaldehyde resin glue, 8% water, and 1% paraffin, and typically has a density of 500 kg/m3 (31 lb/ft3) and 1,000 kg/m3 (62 lb/ft3) ) density range and classification as light, standard or high density board is a misnomer and confusion. The density of the panels is important when evaluating in relation to the fiber density from which the panels are made. In the case of softwood fiberboard, thick MDF boards with a density of 700–720 kg/m3 may be considered high density, while boards of the same density made from hardwood fibers are not. The development of various types of MDFs is driven by different requirements for specific applications.

Application Of Laminating Hot Press Machine

Lamination heat presses are suitable for short cycle lamination techniques. This means that the impregnated paper is pressed onto the particleboard and fibreboard by means of a heat press for decorative purposes. The products are mainly divided into three categories: furniture panels, door panels and floors. The main difference between furniture boards and floors is the type of impregnated paper, which requires higher abrasion resistance. The floor is also called a laminate floor, which refers to a floor with one or two layers of special paper (decorative paper, wear-resistant paper) impregnated on the surface of the high-density fiberboard and backed by a balance paper. heat press.

Mainly used for veneer of various wood boards and melamine impregnated paper. Can be used to press wood floors, furniture panels, door panels.

Suitable for producing products of various sizes, 4'x8', 4'x9', 5'x8', 6'x8', 6'x9', 7'x9', 6'x12', 4'x16', etc. for selection.

Melamine laminate is made by laminating melamine paper on MDF, particleboard and other man-made boards. The surface texture design comes from a stainless steel platen installed in a melamine press. It can have a variety of tactile surfaces such as wood grain, embossing, and some 3D designs that mostly replicate the natural feel.

More Introduction Of Laminating Hot Press?

When veneering, the working process of the laminate heat press can be divided into five processes: closing, boosting, holding, releasing, and descending. The main body of the press can be divided into three parts in terms of functional realization: heating system (providing heat source), hydraulic system (providing pressure and controlling the action of the press) and the main body of the press (frame, control part).

Over the years, Xinhua Cheng Machinery and its technical team have been working on improving the stability of the laminate heat press, simplifying the operating system, and optimizing the overall structure to make it easy to maintain. All of these ensure the continuous improvement of the quality of the laminate heat press and the continuous upgrading of the quality of the final product. Since the beginning of 2020, the technical team has continuously worked hard to improve the operation mechanism of the feeding and discharging system, further shorten the operation cycle and increase the unit production capacity.

Double-sided lamination heat press is our mainstream product. Mainly used for melamine impregnated paper veneer for MDF and particleboard, can press deep relief (simultaneous alignment) furniture boards above 1600T. It is widely used in furniture boards, floors, cabinet boards, door boards, etc. It has the advantages of fast pressing speed, high efficiency and labor saving. The standard double-layer hot press has an automatic feeding trolley, which is convenient for manual operation.

After more than 15 years of improvement and research, our company has upgraded and developed a new type of press on the basis of the old model. Therefore, the laminating hot press has the characteristics of longer life, more convenient operation, more convenient maintenance and more energy saving.

The main features of the double-sided laminating hot press are high efficiency, fast speed, labor saving and longer life. The steel used in our press is more uniform after aging treatment, and the improved press frame is more reasonable, increasing the strength and fatigue life, and making the frame life longer. At the same time, the main frame is CNC machined to reduce the risk of frame breakage due to fatigue stress. The new double veneer press has better thermal insulation and a more stable and faster hydraulic system. The new synchronous lever mechanism can ensure that the upper and lower sides of the hot pressing plate of the laminate hot pressing machine are strictly parallel, and it is not easy to separate. The daily output of the double-sided film hot press can reach about 1200-1500 sheets.

5 Features of the new double-layer hot press

1. The auxiliary time is short, and the press can quickly close and pressurize;

2. Adopt integrated splint and swing suction cup ejection device;

Plate loading and unloading synchronization;

3. The running process is stable and fast, the paper is suitable, and the maximum output can reach 120 sheets/hour (vertical) and 100 sheets/hour (horizontal);

4. Simplify labor, one person can operate the entire production line;

5. The pressed products are of high quality and meet the production requirements of high-grade furniture or floors.

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